KeystoneJS Development

Node.js CMS & Web Application Platform

Needless to say that IT industry is one of the most fast growing and dynamically developing sectors in our world, and nowadays the world wide web and technologies standing behind it are going even further and faster in this field. Who could even imagine a couple of years ago such high level of interactivity and complexity of websites available today? But our company is always trying to be in the movement, we are constantly keeping an eye on new technologies and tools which hit the market of contemporary web development.

KeystoneJS is one of such tools, it is a CMS which gives an extreme power to web-developers and tremendously eases their life, especially with regard to high demands to the modern sites. KeystoneJS makes it easy to build database-driven websites, applications and APIs in node.js. Under the hood, KeystoneJS uses express.js - a web server framework, and MongoDB database via the mongoose object modelling framework. Keystone is designed to make complicated things simple, without limiting the power or flexibility of node.js or the frameworks it is built on.