Mail theming

Proper themes for your emails - key to your business success

Are you involved in e-commerce business and need to send various promotional and/or informational emails to your customers? You'll certainly need professionally styled marketing templates which will make your business more successful.

Designing a proper HTML version of an email could be quite a daunting task, because various mail clients and providers have different level of CSS/HTML support and compatibility, which may end up in an inconsistent look of your email messages. And that's the point where our team can help you. We can create the correct styling for you mail and resolve all inconsistencies in such way, that your message will have a proper look in all possible programs that may be used for opening and viewing it.

The quality of our code is ensured by regular QA testing using our own internal facilities and specialized external services, such as Emailonacid and Litmus. Moreover, the latter gives you an opportunity to find out which Gmail tab (category) will your email message appear under and whether can it be recognized as SPAM.

As you can see, the success of marketing mailing significantly depends on the quality of custom mail theming. Feel free to contact us at any moment and we will be happy to help you with that task.