Migrate Content

Migrating and enriching content with Drupal

If your site doesn’t use any content management system or an existing one doesn’t feat your needs, we offer migration site content and functionality to the Drupal CMS platform.

What benefits offers Drupal CMS:

  • You will have all advantages of this system, including an ability to add and edit articles manually without the knowledge of any programming languages. Any person who knows how to use internet and MS Word can edit articles on the site, because we use a very similar (Word-like) editor on all sites that we develop. Hence, you don’t need to ask site developer every time you need to change or add an article.
  • Another indisputable advantage of Drupal CMS – it’s an ability to extend site functionality without modification of an existing content. Thus you can order a baseline minimal site and extend its functionality later when needed.

Content migration consists of two stages. First, the data is being exported from the source to XML data feed. Second, when an upgrade process had been done, it is imported back into the target Drupal CMS.